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Meet Dr. Shelley Adams

Home Town: Meaford, ON
Residence: Collingwood, ON
Previous Residence: Vancouver, BC
Years in Practice: 10 years
Spouse: Blaine
Children: Caiden, Caleb, Ava
Academic Background: Bachelor of Kinesiology (McMaster) and Doctorate of Chiropractic (CMCC)
Special Areas of Interest: Prenatal Care, Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery, Athletic Injuries and Performance Enhancing Treatments, Wrist, Knee, Foot and Ankle problems…and people with spines!!

Claims to fame: Ontario Provincial Figure skating Champion, Voted Best Chiropractor in the “Best of Vancouver” 3 times!

My Practice Philosophy:

Most people’s problems are the results of the things they do in their life every day.   If we take enough time to understand your body and your life, we can likely get to the root cause of your problem, treat it, and create an action plan (including homework) to keep it from coming back again. I have longer than average visits with most patients but they need to see me less often.

I use chiropractic adjustments, Kinesiotape and Trigenics myoneural muscle therapy (similar to ART but typically more comfortable) to get results. My patients LOVE Trigenics – it’s what keeps them coming back. The bones are just levers pulled on by muscles. If we can change the tone in the muscle, there is a much higher chance the bones will stay in place.

What people like best about me is my energy, knowledge, ability to make them feel comfortable, ability to treat a number of areas per visit, and my RESULTS! If I have not made notable gain in 4 or 5 visits I am not likely the Dr. for you. Together we create flexible care plans that work for your time, budget, your budget and your goals,

I look forward to meeting you and treating you soon.

Dr. Shelley

After 8½ years in Vancouver and having attained the status of “Vancouver’s Best Chiropractor” on 4 occasions, she has relocated back to Collingwood leads the team at Mountain Chiropractic.



Diversified and Drop table adjusting, K taping, Active Release Techniques and Trigenics (www.trigenics.net), Pediatric adjusting, exercise prescription and fun:)

Mountain Chiropractic and Natural Health is pleased to announce that Dr. Shelley Adams and  Dr. Lia Sonnenberg have WON the Collingwood Connection's 2014 Reader's Choice Awards! We would like to thank all our wonderful patients for all their support. Best_GOLD_2012[1]







GS_BOV_Winner_Colour_Outline_2012 (1)



VOTED #1 Chiropractor in the Georgia Straight’s  “BEST VANCOUVER” Awards 2010, 2011 and 2012!





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