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About Chiropractic Care

All new patient appointments begin with taking a complete history. This is followed by a postural assessment, foot assessment, functional muscle tests, spinal exam, orthopedic tests and neurological exam. This information is used to create a working diagnosis, a report of findings, lifestyle management suggestions and a home based strengthening and stretching program.

Treatments can include Trigenics/active muscle release, chiropractic adjustment and/or kinesiotaping. You are in charge of your own care and we are happy to work with you to treat not only your specific concerns but your health as a whole.

X-rays are suggested when deemed necessary.


Meet our Chiropractors!

Dr. Shelley Adams

Home Town: Meaford, ON
Residence: Collingwood, ON
Previous Residence: Vancouver, BC
Years in Practice: 10 years
Spouse: Blaine
Children: Caiden, Caleb, Ava
Academic Background: Bachelor of Kinesiology (McMaster) and Doctorate of Chiropractic (CMCC)
Special Areas of Interest: Prenatal Care, Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery, Athletic Injuries and Performance Enhancing Treatments, Wrist, Knee, Foot and Ankle problems…and people with spines!!

Claims to fame: Ontario Provincial Figure skating Champion, Voted Best Chiropractor in the “Best of Vancouver” 3 times!

Dr. Shelley Adams began her study of the human body and health science in 1995 at McMaster University while completing a degree in Kinesiology. She continued on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated in 2003.

At 16 she broke her ankle figure skating. When traditional medicine didn’t satisfy her needs, she sought the care of a chiropractor and realized chiropractic’s role in both health and sport performance.

My Practice Philosophy:

Most people’s problems are the results of the things they do in their life every day.   If we take enough time to understand your body and your life, we can likely get to the root cause of your problem, treat it, and create an action plan (including homework) to keep it from coming back again. I have longer than average visits with most patients but they need to see me less often.

I use chiropractic adjustments, Kinesiotape and Trigenics myoneural muscle therapy (similar to ART but typically more comfortable) to get results. My patients LOVE Trigenics – it’s what keeps them coming back. The bones are just levers pulled on by muscles. If we can change the tone in the muscle, there is a much higher chance the bones will stay in place.

What people like best about me is my energy, knowledge, ability to make them feel comfortable, ability to treat a number of areas per visit, and my RESULTS! If I have not made notable gain in 4 or 5 visits I am not likely the Dr. for you. Together we create flexible care plans that work for your time, budget, your budget and your goals,

I look forward to meeting you and treating you soon!


Congratulations Dr. Shelley on winning the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for favourite Chiropractor!


Dr. Dianne McMurray

Dianne - head shot

Home Town: Mono Mills, ON
Residence: Collingwood, ON
Years in Practice: 2 years
Academic Background: Honours Bachelor of Science (U of T), Doctorate of Chiropractic (CMCC), Clinical Acupuncture Certificate (CMCC)
Special Areas of Interest: Headaches and migraines, neck pain, wrist injuries, low back pain, shoulder injuries and arthritic pain.

Dr. Dianne McMurray attended the University of Toronto, majoring in Biology and Psychology and was awarded an honours B.Sc. with high distinction. She continued her studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated cum laude with clinic honours in 2015 and is a certified acupuncture provider.

Being a chronic headache and migraine sufferer for many years led Dr. McMurray to seek numerous treatment options. Chiropractic care provided the best relief for her pain. This natural and effective type of treatment inspired her to pursue a chiropractic career.

My Practice Philosophy:

In my practice I use an individualistic approach. I tailor and adapt my treatment plan to suit the needs of each specific patient. I use a combined approach of various chiropractic techniques including adjustments, muscle release therapy and acupuncture in order to achieve optimal results. Every patient is given stretching and/or strengthening home exercises as well as lifestyle advice. The more you do at home, the less you will need from me! It is my goal to inspire each patient to take an active role in their own health care. What people like best about me is that I take the time to listen to my patients and then use this information to create a detailed individual treatment plan to address these specific complaints. It is important to me to determine and then treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms created by the problem.

I enjoy working with adults and children of all ages and it is important to me be involved in the community. You might see me teaching classes at the Collingwood YMCA or out and about with my Girl Guides! I am passionate about the outdoors and love spending time hiking and biking as well as being out on the water canoeing, kayaking and sailing. I believe being active is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your optimal health!



Auto Accident Claims
We accept auto accident cases. We collect your payment and you submit your receipts to your insurer.


Extended Health Care Benefits
You may have full or partial coverage of your chiropractic care under the plan offered by you or your spouse’s employer. We suggest you call your insurer for full information. To assist you in obtaining these benefits we will supply you with a comprehensive and detailed invoice on a regular basis which you then present to your insurer for reimbursement.


We are unfortunately not able to accept WSIB claims.

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