What patients say about Dr. Adams…..

Shelley is friendly, gregarious, and highly knowledgeable about sports related injuries. She’s one of the best health care providers I’ve experienced. Vancouver lost its favorite chiropractor  ~Wayne R.

I was referred to Dr. Adams by my physician for neck pain. I will admit I was terrified, but she made me feel at ease instantly. I have never for a minute second guessed my decision and have always left her office 100% satisfied. ~ Amanda L.

I have had chronic ITB pain for many, many years. I have sought relief from many doctors of varying modalities to no avail. Dr. Adams explained my misalignment issues to me, made me new orthotics, and gave me some stretching exercises to do on my own. She is the first person who has really understood my issues and done something about them. ~Ricki K.

I tried traditional chiropractic, but the results from the combo of the Trigenics techniques and chiropractic adjustments together, made for a much more favourable outcome. ~ Jenn G.

I was recommended to see Dr. Shelley regarding some back pain and arm & leg numbness I have been experiencing during my pregnancy. She was amazing! I now have 4 weeks to go in my pregnancy and I feel great ~ Renee B.

I had been having lower backache for a couple of years and I thought I had to live with this pain for rest of my life. Shortly after starting to see Dr. Shelley my back was pain free! She worked on not just bones but also on my tight muscles. I was amazed how my back progressed in short time. I would definitely recommend her! ~Chie K.

Shelley is very skilled, gentle, friendly and she makes me feel totally comfortable in her care. She takes the time to explain everything to me and provides me with helpful tips, useful stretches and strength exercises that help to keep me in top shape. I feel she is genuinely interested in my health and wellness and not in the “business” I bring. ~Alicia F.

I am a triathlete and had a very serious bike crash. I lost significant range of motion after shoulder surgery. I started seeing many different practitioners, but it was Dr. Shelley who got the results I needed. She used a technique called Trigenics muscle therapy and after each visit I had a little bit more range back in my shoulder until it was completely back to normal. I can now work and swim again pain free and have had no residual problems from the accident. ~Caylee W.

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